About Us

Humanity International Investments LLC is a socially responsible investment fund focused on building Africa. Our company’s mission is to improve the state of African economies through the use of our expertise in the fields of infrastructure building, blockchain technology, and social impact.

To promote long-term economic growth and raise living standards across Africa is our primary objective. We have a team of investment specialists with extensive expertise and knowledge of the local market, and we collaborate closely with our partners to find and pursue opportunities that will have a significant and lasting impact.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of people in Africa in a variety of ways, including the building of much-needed transportation and energy infrastructure and the encouragement of the expansion of local businesses. Help us create a better, brighter future for Africa by joining our efforts.

Founded on the belief that Africa has tremendous potential for growth and prosperity, Humanity International Investments seeks to support local entrepreneurs and businesses that are working to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the region. Our investment portfolio includes companies operating in a range of sectors, from renewable energy and agriculture to healthcare and financial services.

We believe that by investing in these companies, we can help to drive economic growth, create jobs, and improve access to essential services for communities across Africa. And, by doing so, we aim to deliver long-term, sustainable returns for our investors.

Our mission is to deliver both financial returns and positive social impact, by investing in businesses that contribute to the economic and social development of the African continent.

At Humanity International Investments, we are passionate about creating a better future for Africa and its people. Join us in our mission to drive positive change and build a more equitable and sustainable world.