Team Member

James Yoo

Director of Philanthropy, Asia Affairs
James Yoo (Yoo Young-sang) is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, best known for founding Wintech Korea Ltd. and Phil Wintech Mining Co. in the Philippines. With his innovative approach, James has revitalized local economies by fostering trade between Korea and the Philippines, as well as spearheading investment in gold mines. Through these initiatives, he has created job opportunities for underprivileged residents, directly improving their lives and uplifting communities. Currently serving as a director at Okto Korea Ltd., James is dedicated to advancing the agricultural technology and bioindustry sectors within the Sixth Industrial Revolution. His passion for innovation and sustainability positions him at the forefront of shaping the economic landscape of the future. As a proud descendant of the Han Dynasty in China, James is also committed to preserving and promoting the cultural, historical, and artistic value of the dynasty's artifacts. In his role as a promotional ambassador for Humanity International Investment LLC, he ensures that the treasures of the Han Dynasty are safeguarded and appreciated by generations to come, both in China and across the globe. Through his entrepreneurial prowess and dedication to social and cultural causes, James Yoo continues to make a lasting impact on communities and industries worldwide.